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Established since 1989, we are a team of seasoned investigators from diverse background.
Our experience is your best advantage to regaining control. catch cheating spouse

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Carlton Private Investigation and Security Consultancy Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1989.  Today, we have expanded our area of expertise into different private investigative works, ranging from intellectual property infringement, catching of a cheating spouse, employee pre-promotion background check to providing bespoke security consultancy for individuals in distress.  Our present team of leaders join us with prior police or military experience from the Singapore Police Force and the Singapore Armed Forces.



Our purpose is to secure definite facts through persistency, skills and devotion at the least cost and time made possible.



We aspire to be the Best Private Investigation firm in Singapore,



S – Skilful

T – Timely 

R – Responsive

I – Intuitive 

K – Knowledgeable

E – Effective



With more than 27 years in the business, we keep the tradition alive by handing over the baton to the next generation of leaders.

Each generation joins us with their specialised field in security and investigative know-how, allowing us to stay abreast with the changing environment and technological advancement.




Good Analysing Skills
A Problem Solver
Empathetic and Patience
Confident and Charismatic
Discretion and Tactful
Honesty and Integrity
Strong Technical Skills
Surveillance Tactics
Super Memory Prowess
Logical Thinking
Legal Knowledge


Why Choose Carlton Private Investigations and Security Consultancy Pte Ltd?

We believe in effective deployment of our resources at an affordable rate to you.  Many would be in dire straits by the time they decide to engage a private investigator. The cost of waiting and in losing a battle which may alter your life ahead and spiral you down the abyss is not a logical step forward.

Therefore, it really makes no sense for you to continue with that procrastination. The fear of uncertainties, the reprisal, the disgruntlement, and the sadness that will eventually cripple you and your family till the very end has to stop.  The best thing that one can do for oneself is to take a step back, find someone that can help you regain your stead and put you back in control of the situation.

While we do not profess ourselves to know everything, we certainly have come this far to be confident enough to say that our combined experience can be the #1 Top Private Investigator in Singapore.


“My ex-wife had the cheek to demand for exorbitant amount of matrimonial assets and absurdly high maintenance fees until Carlton Investigators found out that she was actually cheating on me and had been sleeping with that dance instructor of hers.”catch cheating spouse

MengHuat, Businessman


“After short-listing three candidates for a very important post in our company, we engaged Carlton Investigators to conduct a background check.  One was found to have submitted a false qualification while another led a very questionable lifestyle. The last thing we wanted was to tarnish our public image.”

Chairman, Listed company on Singapore Stock Exchange